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「iDROID」型のiphoneケース(5・5s 対応)に東京ゲームショウver.が登場!限定販売! 東京ゲームショウバージョンとして、オフホワイトを基調としたイベント/オンライン限定商品です。 #千値練 #MGS


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  • Do not forget Michael Brown
  • Do not forget how the media dehumanized him and tried to justify his murder
  • Do not forget how peaceful protests were painted as savage riots
  • Do not forget police armed with military grade weapons terrorized and arrested black civilians
  • Do not forget Darren Wilson being awarded over $200,000 in fundraiser donations for murdering an unarmed black child
  • Do not forget that this system was not built to defend us, but to control us
  • Do not forget Ferguson 

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Stafford Falls~Chinook Creek (by oldmantravels)
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Stafford Falls~Chinook Creek (by oldmantravels)

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NYC in the 1980s.



After picking up a camera at the age of 15, Jamel Shabazz has been unknowingly become the first “visual documentarian” of hip hop. For over 30 years he’s captured the world around him. Every frame  of that world is a time portal that sparks emotion stemming from the scenes they represent. And if there is ever a glimpse into the foundations of street wear and its surrounding culture, it can be found in the pages of his first book.

“Back In The Days” is real deal documentation as it pertains to the origins of hip hop, not to mention hip hop fashion. No 2oK a day models. No makeup artists. No food trucks. The models in the book don’t need runways because they lived the life of style. Jamel Shabazz was there to capture it all.”

Purchase here:

yoooooo, them kemetic brothers that be standin on the corner preachin was out there for THAT LONG???!!!

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Archan Nair - New Illustration titled “ Ganesha “

Website // Facebook // Instagram

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honeydukes by -hille- on Flickr.
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